Desert Souvenir Arabians

Create your own history with one of our Classically bred Stallions

Desert Souvenir Arabians loves the Arabian of history with all it's heart and fiery presence.  We strive to share our love, understanding, and admiration of this magnificent animal and it's rich heritage with others who dream of having one as well. 

We offer several stallions with some of Europe's greatest classical blood up close: *BASK++, *NABORR, *CARMARGUE, *EL SHAKLAN, and *ADHEM. We also have added a Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Thee Desperado+ son, TCP Rada Bazaz. Visit each stallion's page and see their unique pedigree and characteristics from each bloodline that you would like to add to your own herd. Desert Souvenir Arabians feels that you will find it difficult to achieve better classical characteristics of the old European Arabian anywhere else than in this quaint little New England herd. 

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